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Thanks for the increased traffic even though I’m not having such good luck with my novel its nice to see people still check in to look at my recommendations. As thanks for that here is a few more, the last translation has risen from the dead after a 5 month break so lets give a round of applause for The Simple Life Of Killing Demons. It was a translation picked up by alyschu and started around the same time Against the Gods made its grand debut. Continue reading

Sorry Guys Happy New Year

I apologize to all that has been waiting around for my novel to restart and for my updates to my online stories and translation pages. In response to the not adding any new links for the past 2 and a half weeks here are a few new stories/translations to follow:

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Sorry for the two month absence had some real life issues to deal with. I think i’m almost ready to start posting once again I hope to do better this time and I appreciate the support I got while I wasn’t active. For those of you who were using my online stories I follow I added two new stories today and I promise to add at least a new one every week or so. Light novel translations will be updated as well. Wish me luck as I restart my novel Ltr…

Chapter 7 – Betrayed Into Darkness

Edited By: Paradox

Author’s Note: And here is chapter 7 sorry for the delay got home late from work.

Chapter 7 – Betrayed Into Darkness


Agonizing pain was the first sensation I felt, as I slowly became aware of my surroundings.  My entire body ached as separate injuries made themselves painfully known. Even as I was trying to stabilize myself, the back of my skull throbbed, dulling my senses with numbing pain as I moved my head to rest it against a flat surface that was behind me. It was difficult to open my eyes as the pain also included my face, it seems whatever happened to me while I was knocked out also included facial shots. After calming down I could tell I was propped against a wall, held standing by some rope that bound my hands. Unfortunately for me, just as I was able to open my right eye the first thing I saw was a fist moved towards my face. Continue reading